“Mac McGregor is an educator, mentor, public speaker, motivator and community activist extraordinaire. I have personally worked with Mac to produce events that range from public safety awareness to cultural competence and each and every time the outcome has been the same excellence anyone could hope for. More than just another talking head, Mac takes the time to know and learn the subject, researches how and why things are happening and what can be done to change the things in our society that need changing, and is about as skilled a public speaker as I have ever known. The fact is Seattle’s LGBTQIA community and Social Outreach Seattle would not be the same — and certainly not as safe — without this fierce advocate, social justice champion, and accepting Trans man helping to lead the way.”

– Shaun Knittel, Founder and President of Social Outreach Seattle, Assistant Editor of Seattle Gay News


“I didn’t really come out until I had the honor of watching Mac present himself as a Trans person to an audience of sex educators.
He was so happy to be teaching everybody why gender, pronoun usage & identity is so important that he had everybody’s attention, even after hours of other presentations. I thought I was hip to most queer culture stuff, but I realized right then in Mac’s talk that I was actually still hiding. Macs bold, confident REALNESS got to me. He broke things down so simply and I could see the wheels turning in other people’s heads as they started to understand. Then it clicked in my own head! I’m trans! I can say it now! I had thought it before but I used to be scared that people wouldn’t believe me. I don’t want hormones and I don’t stick to the binary but, I am transgender! I keep telling friends how grateful & relieved I am now. I love Mac S. McGregor!”

-Avid Awake of avidawake.com in Maryland


“I recently had the honor of hearing Mac present on gender at a conference for sex educators in  West Virginia.  I’ve been talking about it ever since.  Mac opened my mind and heart.
 I believe that I’m now a better and more inclusive facilitator because of what I learned from this amazing teacher. I’m grateful. Thanks Mac!”

 – Jean Franzblau, Santa Monica.


“I went to the class “Parking Lot and Car Self-defense” that was taught by Mac. I thought it was fantastic! I am disabled and don’t have lots of upper body strength. He showed the class several things that would work, even for me! We practiced in the classroom and my partner went down right away with the moves I used. I even tried them on my husband. My husband is 5’10 and about 200lbs. I’m 5’7″ and about 150lbs. I put him on his knees with 2 quick maneuvers. I can’t wait to take more of his classes so that I can go through every day not worrying about being to weak or unable to take charge in a situation I don’t want to be in.
I would, recommend this teacher for any class he gives and this class subject is a great start.”

– Kelly F., Boulder Colorado


“Mac S. McGregor is an engaging and informative presenter. I’ve taught about transgender issues in my college-level gender studies classes, and I was learning new things right and left during his presentation! In addition to presenting information in a relevant and compelling way for people who are already knowledgeable about gender and sexuality issues, Mac makes these topics accessible to laypeople, encouraging participants to reflect on the ways in which gender identity structures their own lives.”

Dr. Jeana Jorgensen,  Adjunct Professor, Butler University


“My wife and I attended Mac’s ‘Parking Lot & Car Self-Defense’ class and found it both informative and very enjoyable. While we had not attended any previous classes taught by Mac, we hope that we’ll have the chance to repeat the experience. The material presented was practical but in no way dry. The techniques were simple, making perfect sense once you thought about them. This is crucial for things you may have to use without being able to give them much active thought! As an instructor, Mac presented the material in a clear and concise manner, combining an easy going attitude with an expert-level command of a subject. He was able to easily hold the attention of the room using a combination of humor and enthusiasm. This aided in making the presented material even more accessible. Mac was also happy to provide hands-on attention to those in need during the ‘practice’ portion of the workshop, and answered several of my wife’s questions without missing a beat. We found both the class, and Mac, to be an experience we enjoyed thoroughly and would love to repeat. We can recommend this, or any class taught by Mac.”

– Ward F., Colorado


Creating A Safe Space For Everyone

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