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Macspeaking    3 Tier Diversity Training

Create a work environment where everyone can feel safe and included, regardless of sexuality or gender.

“Mac S. McGregor is an engaging and informative presenter. I’ve taught about transgender issues in my college-level gender studies classes, and I was learning new things right and left during his presentation! In addition to presenting information in a relevant and compelling way for people who are already knowledgeable about gender and sexuality issues, Mac makes these topics accessible to laypeople, encouraging participants to reflect on the ways in which gender identity structures their own lives.”

Dr. Jeana Jorgensen,  Adjunct Professor, Butler University

Level 1 – Basic 2 hour LGBTQAI Diversity Training

This basic training is an overview of LGBTQI and how to create an all inclusive environment.  This an is interactive class with some small group exercises. Your employees will gain an understanding for the differences between sexual orientation and gender identity and why some confuse these, including a basic terminology for the LGBTQIA community. They will learn how to properly address people.  What’s ok to ask and what is not ok to ask or say. What is appropriate etiquette when addressing a person who is transitioning and how to be sensitive to the individual’s needs. What will help make them feel safe and secure in the workplace. Learn the basics of how to create a more comfortable work environment for ALL people and how to do business with those in the LGBTQIA community.


Level 2- Half Day Training  – 

The half day training includes the training in level one and builds on it with more exploration of the difference between the sex a person is assigned at birth and their gender.  Explore the spectrum of gender identity and gender presentation.  Gender is a complex part of every being, it includes aspects of biology, chemistry, brain-mapping, genetics and environment.   Transgender is an umbrella term that means anyone who does not fit into the common binary gender system.  This training will explore that colorful umbrella and all that it encompasses.  We will explore gender language and how that language is evolving.  This workshop is a safe environment for your employees to ask anything about gender without judgment. This training will give each participant a safe space to learn and discuss these sensitive issues and how they can affect our careers and daily lives.


Level 3 – Full Day Training  – 

This training includes all of the above trainings and more. This training will also dive more into learning about the spectrum of sexuality, inter-sexed and A sexual people.Sexuality and gender are rich continuum that much of society has tried to make binary.  Explore why society has used these binary systems and how diverse gender and sexuality really are. What kind of discrimination have people in the LGBTQIA community had to deal with and why it is important to understand some of this in order to relate to an LGBTQ co-worker or client.  Learn how to walk through the fear of someone different then you and embrace the full depth of our complexities.   We will first look at our commonalities and evaluate what creates fear of someone different then we are.  This workshop has much more time for interactive exercises that help each participant gain a deeper understanding, sense of compassion and empathy for people’s uniqueness.  These exercises include roll playing and practicing in a safe supportive environment how to have a conversation that is inclusive.


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“I recently had the honor of hearing Mac present on gender at a conference for sex educators in  West Virginia.  I’ve been talking about it ever since.  Mac opened my mind and heart. I believe that I’m now a better and more inclusive facilitator because of what I learned from this amazing teacher. I’m grateful. Thanks Mac!” 

– Jean Franzblau, Santa Monica.

Creating A Safe Space For Everyone

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