Class Titles and Descriptions for Conferences, Churches, and Groups

In addition to group classes, there are also private & semi-private lessons available.

Out of the Gender Box

What makes a man a man? What makes a woman a woman? Does ones genitalia really determine their gender? Is gender really binary? What is gender queer, gender non-conforming, and gender independent? What is the accepted terminology of today? How has society used gender to control people and how has that changed? We will discuss these and many more aspects of gender and the science and understanding of gender. Each participant will also examine our own gender prejudices and ways that we have been conditioned to think and feel about gender identity.  Mac teaches this sometimes touchy subject with warmth and no shame or judgement for not knowing or having the right language.  He is very approachable and you can ask literally anything.

activistActivism 101 – How to Become an Activist

Ever felt passionate enough about something to want to be apart of making change? If you have and desire to get involved in making policy changes in society then this workshop is for you. Step by step ways to get on the inner circle of the movers and shakers who shape policy. I will go over ways to get involved from a grass roots aspect or a large political aspect. Learn how to be apart of history from the core not just watch history.

YinYangTai-Chi Wellness

Learn the ancient art of moving mediation. The basic practice of how to connect mind, body and spirit with no bodily impact. Much easier on the body than yoga; the flowing, gentle movement combined with synchronized breathing and focused thought makes this a spiritual, mental and physical workout. Combining movement with stillness, one can close out the stresses of the daily world. Known to lower blood pressure, improve balance, raising hemoglobin, releasing the calming happy chemicals in the brain that enhances mood, bringing clarity to the mind and cleaning the body of toxins. This class can be done to calm a group, to allow rest or to rejuvenate a group and build energy.

Team Building

There is no I in team.  The success of a team is only as strong as the connection between the team members.  This class will walk you through fun, interactive exercises to build that team bond and understanding for one another.  Mac has coached many champion athletes and understands the importance of the team bond, including the relationships with coaches and leaders. Mac uses his years of experience and unique creativity to give a memorable experience your team will use throughout their careers.   If you work with a staff and or volunteers this is class would greatly benefit your working environment.

Discovering Chi Energy

Learn Chi 101. What is Chi energy? How do I use it? How can I feel it? How does it benefit my daily life? In this class we will practice exercises that will help each person tap into their chi energy, feel it, build it and learn the beginning stages of how to focus that energy. This life-force energy is the core of our being and of each living thing, it is all around us. If each person learned how to focus mind, body and breath on any one thing, just think about the amazing things one could accomplish. Discover this gift that we all poses, but most don’t understand, to revolutionize your life.

Healing Chi Energy

Learn the ancient art that chi-masters use to heal. Using chi to heal the body, emotions, and relationships will enhance every part of ones life. Chi healing can reduce inflammation, increase blood-flow, get rid of headaches, relax muscles, clear blockages, change the bodies chemistry, reduce blood pressure and more. These practices can allow for deep emotional releases to make way for new positive energy. This positive energy will replace pain, hurt, unforgiveness and depression. In this workshop there are many hands on exercises with partners so each participant will experience both giving and receiving healing energy. This workshop also includes guided imagery meditation.

Transferring Energy

What a fun way to enhance relationships and change the mood in a group or room by inserting positive chi energy. Focused intent is focused chi, learn how to use that to your advantage in your career and in your relationships. This skill can help you build rapport, close a deal, build a better relationship with your boss, or get recognized at a meeting. At home this can change the mood of a teenager or relax the tension between you and your significant other. We will practice exercises that help you connect with another being and even be able to communicated non verbally across a room.

Sensual Chi Energy

Learn how chi energy can enhance your intimacy and your sex life. Focusing your energy during intimacy and sex can turn an experience that is only surface and physical into a deeply emotional, spiritual and pleasing physical ecstasy. This is a hands on workshop and each participate will get to practice exercises with their partner that will guide them to a better understanding of how to focus ones energy to certain areas of the body to enhance stimulation, orgasm and ones emotional well-being. Learning how to focus together as a couple or triad for a common purpose to bring pleasure and total release.

Push Hands for Relationships

The ancient art of push hands helps a person learn to center, hold that center, improve balance, give a better understanding of body mechanics and learning how to flow from one place to another. All of this flowing movement is done while connected to another person, which requires cooperation and learning to blend with another’s energy. This can enhance the communication and understanding in any relationship whether it’s a sibling, spouse, parent, best friend or any other person. If you want to deepen that level of communication and connection this is a great workshop for you.

Tai-Chi & Chi Energy for Kids

Introduce your kids, team, youth group or school to the world of energy. Breathing, releasing stress in a healthy way, centering, and focusing (all done with fun, interactive exercises). Learning these skills as a young person will help as they navigate through the fast paced, stressful world we live in. It is important to be able to re-center, calm the mind and body and be in better control of a situation. This class will give youth the tools to do that.

phone origional transfer 1104Street Smart Self-Defense 101

Have you ever wondered, what would I do if…? Don’t wonder anymore, learn the basics of awareness and how to get home safely from an encounter with a violent person. Learn how to pick up on the signs of the intent of violence before it happens, how to alter your body language so you are not likely to be selected as a victim of crime. This workshop covers how to diffuse anger and violence as well as how to physically get away safely from the most common street attacks. This is for all 15 yrs old and up, any physical fitness level. Wear comfortable clothing, bring a towel, water bottle and anything that you normally carry with you in day to day life.

Street Smart Self -Defense 201

This workshops is for those who have had street smart self-defense 101 and takes it up a couple notches. We will work through harder to get out of attacks and holds and bring the intensity level up to fighting off a fully padded attacker. This is a kick ass confidence builder, no holding back, all done in a supportive environment.

Parking Lot Self-Defense

The second most likely place to be attacked is in a parking lot or in or by ones vehicle. Self-Defense in the confined quarters of a car or parking lot is different from most other places. Learn ways to use that environment to your advantage. We will go over how to minimize your vulnerability in these area’s and empower you to walk to your car with more confidence.

Children’s Self-Defense and Safety

This workshop is for children 10 and under and their parents/caretakers. We will go over learning what a safe space is, how to draw help and attention, how to recognize a NOT SAFE adult, how to get away from an adult that is not safe and get to a safe space. There will be hands on practice for children and parents in role playing scenarios that help prepare a family for real life situations. In most of these workshops I include a law enforcement professional to go over the process of reporting a suspicious person, or crime and how police departments handle these situations. This also includes a training time with parents and caretakers about how to talk to children about strangers and dangerous situations, as well as how to continue this conversation with your child after this training.

Self-Defense and Safety for Realtors

Realtors face special problems in the field; meeting strangers in empty homes poses unique dangers. This specialized self-defense class will have many of the basics from Self-Defense 101 and include custom designed scenario training for the specifics of a realtors job. I will also go over safer ways to show a home and not leave yourself vulnerable.

Customized Self-Defense for your Office/Business

If you own or work at a business that is open crazy hours or in a sometimes dangerous part of town or just want smart knowledge that is useful for any business. Violence in the workplace is a real problem that will not go away and generally the police don’t help until something bad has already happened. Don’t wait. I will come in to your environment and teach your staff basic self-defense, while going over the specifics of the weak points and strengths of your location, and how your business works. I come in ahead of time and get a tour of your building and observe how your business works to design a plan for the class. Your staff will appreciate this and feel much safer in their working environment. I recommend this as a yearly event for your business, think of renewing this like you do for CPR.

Self-Defense for Dating

Teens, college age and adults who are in the dating market this workshop is for you. Date rape is a very common real thing, learn the early warning signs that you are dating someone capable of this controlling, violent, non-consentual act. Learn the most common ways date rape happens and how to combat them. 80% of assaults and rape happen from someone you know, this is much more difficult to stop because you have let this person in to your life in some form. These types of predators use this emotional connection and manipulation to their advantage, but you can learn to take that power back and take charge of the situation.

Scenario Self-Defense Training

This workshop goes over the most common assault and rape scenarios and walks you through the best ways to get out of them and home safely. This will give you deep insight into how violent criminals work and how violent situations escalate. There is a reason why, as kids, they had us all walk through fire drills over and over and they did not even make it very real. But walking through what to do in a stressful situation makes one far more prepared to handle it than a person who has never thought it through or walked it through. This class is for anyone 16 and up.

Family Unit Safety and Self-Defense

Whatever a family unit is to you, this is for three or more people to learn how to work together as a team to get out of any type of emergency or violent situation safely. There is always a more vulnerable person in a group whether it be a child, someone older, or someone with a disability. In this workshop the unit will learn how to protect this person and how to divide the jobs that need to be done to get everyone to a safe place. This will bring your family/group closer and build confidence within that unit. After this class no one will wonder what to do in an emergency. This will prepare you for an earthquake, tornado, fire, home break-in, explosion, robbery, and even emergencies outside the home.

Self-Defense for the Disabled

Self-Defense 101 for those with more limitations. How to use things like walkers, canes, wheelchairs, folding canes and more to your benefit. How to use ones strengths and protect ones weaknesses or vulnerabilities.

Expandable Baton 101 and Hand Stick

Learn how to use both a small hand baton and an expandable baton to protect yourself. Each person will learn and practice the basic ways to carry, strike, block and deflect with these batons that are light and easy to learn and carry.

Keychain Self-Defense

Learn how to use a kubaton keychain to protect yourself and fend off a larger, stronger attacker. This is an inexpensive, light weight, easy to carry tool that can be used to break free from grabs and holds, cause discomfort and get away from a violent criminal. Easy to learn, every part of this tool is effective and your keys are almost always with you. A fun, interactive, confidence building experience that you will walk away from feeling safer.

Anything Is a Self-Defense Tool

This is a high energy, fun, interactive class where you will be shown how you can use anything in your environment to help you get free and fend off an attacker. You and other participants will be challenged to bring anything that can be found in your environment and be taught how it can be used to your advantage. Creative fun while learning ways to be safer.

Romance 101 – Don Juan or Juanita is NOT Dead

Have partners of yours longed for more romance? Learn the basics of how to be a romantic, this does not come natural for everyone but everyone can learn. Learn how to make them swoon, how to speak to the soul, how to make your date or partner feel special, cherished and desired. We will also examine what makes each of us feel special, cherished and desired as individuals and how to speak your partner or dates love language. This can revolutionize your dating life or relationship. This class will benefit singles or couples.


Creating A Safe Space For Everyone

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