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Mac Scotty McGregor
Mac Scotty McGregor

The Mayor appointed Mac as a Seattle City Commissioner  in 2011. This position has enabled him to be a voice and an activist for civil rights;  including but not limited to the transgendered and gender non-conforming community.  Mac is the transgender and gender non-conforming outreach director for Social Outreach Seattle and a board member for Seattle Counseling Center. He is on the Seattle Police Department LGBT advisory board. Mac has been the volunteer director and is now the VIP director of the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival. He continuously speaks on panels at numerous colleges, non-profit groups and state and city government on gender & sexuality. Mac is invited to speak and consult on many issues that affect the trans/gender non-conforming communities throughout the country and on the internet.

Mac has been a keynote speaker for the University of Washington Medical School, Woman in Leadership, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Mayo Clinic, numerous colleges, other organizations and conferences . Mac educates and trains corporations and large groups on diversity and sensitivity. He is a dedicated, heartfelt activist and educator who focuses every part of his existence on creating a world where people can feel free to be true to themselves.

Mac began his career at 6 years old, when he started martial arts at an introductory karate program offered by his elementary school. He dedicated his life this art and it enabled him to overcome the obstacles of experiencing abuse and a having mentally ill parent. By the age of 18 he was teaching martial arts and by college had his own dojo (martial arts school).  As a world champion martial arts fighter and former U.S. Karate team member he became the highest ranking female martial artist in the world. Paving the way for woman in a male dominated art and sport. He has coached 58 national champions and 29 Junior Olympic champions and holds Black Belt ranking in 17 different styles of martial arts.  He also became and continues to be a certified defensive tactics instructor for law enforcement professionals. While accomplishing all of these achievements he continued to teach about acceptance and be a motivational leader throughout his life.

Mac has appeared on Ripley’s Believe it or Not, The Learning Channel, The Discovery Channel, the 700 Club, on UniVision and many more. A few Magazines and  Newspapers that he has been featured in are: People, Billboard, Karate Illustrated, Today’s Woman, Christianity Today, Seattle Times, Orlando Sentinel, Miami Harold and the Chicago Tribune . He also holds a Guinness World Record in throwing the most people in an hour. Mac was a bodyguard for many celebrities such as Diana Ross, Amy Grant, Charlie Daniels, Al Greene and even Ozzy Osborn.

Mac chose to leave his home state of Florida and venture into Seattle Washington in 2008. At this time he chose to legally transition from female to male. He was able to live socially as the gender he always felt he was. At this time, Mac became an activist for anyone who struggles to or is restricted from being true to themselves. Whoever that may be.

Mac now embodies the title, The Gender Sensei, as he has found ways to educate anyone and everyone about the gender spectrum, gender identity, and gender issues. His experience of teaching and competing in the martial arts has given him an edge that few are able to offer in this field. Mac has officially earned the title Sensei in the martial arts; Sensei meaning teacher in Japanese.  He earns his title as he puts people at ease through humor and an open attitude when teaching and speaking about this very sensitive subject. Mac educates all over the country about Gender, but he also offers classes on self-defense, martial arts, tai-chi wellness, and energy at seminars, conferences, businesses, and groups all over the world.  He is a professional  life coach, personal trainer and a highly sought after motivational speaker. He  extends his knowledge and experience when training corporations about diversity in the work place. Mac is currently finishing his first book and has many published articles, many which are listed on his press page.



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